Why Arch Finance

In today’s Australian post GFC property finance market where over 90% of all small and mid sized commercial property finance loans are provided by large banks you may be experiencing the frustration of your bank not listening to your structuring requirements and not delivering when they said they would. Large banks are forced to standardize the products they offer and their front line representatives often change and have little if any authority to make decisions. If your financing need is outside their standardized product criteria then at best you’ll experience a slow assessment and it’s likely you’ll be disappointed with the result.
Arch Finance differentiates by providing loan solutions specific to our customer’s needs. We offer a very high level of service with experienced lenders and decision makers working directly in the business. One of our experienced team will take the time to understand your requirements and then design and work with you to deliver your loan when you need it. If his sounds a whole lot better than the appetite or service you’ve been getting from your bank then you may find a conversation with one of our team worthwhile.

How is Arch Finance different to the major banks and other mainstream lenders?

  • Loan solutions individually and flexibly designed to your needs
  • Fast decisions – time to approval and time to fund
  • Straightforward process – easy to understand and reduces stress and time
  • Experienced professionals who are always pleasant to deal with
  • Competitive transparent pricing structure (Establishment fee and interest rate based off BBSY only)
  • Access to real decision makers all the time
  • Easy to deal with relationship management (set and forget, no cross selling)