Loan Options

We provide borrowers with loans for CRE property acquisition,
debt refinance and restructure and leverage up for commercial purposes

Loan criteria and borrowing guide

Borrower purpose

  • Commercial property investment (re-finance, acquisition, cash out and ATO debt).
  • Residual stock loans (office, retail and commercial security preferred).
  • Non-NCCP residential secured loans.
  • SMSF acquisition or refinance loans.

Acceptable borrower security

  • Commercial, retail, office and industrial or non-coded residential investment properties located in Australian capital cities and major towns.
  • Owner occupier or investment property, mixed use.
  • Other non-specialised on application – no construction loans.
  • Limited recourse considered (if low LVR < 50% and two times debt service cover ratio (DSCR) is proven).

Serviceability requirements

  • DSCR calculation is 1.20x (non-sensitised) all sources net income divided by all group actual external debt service requirement.
  • Property stand-alone net rental income can be supported by group cash flow including PAYG to prove up DSCR on an “all sources/all debt basis”.


  • Arch Finance underwrites credit blemishes including repayment of ATO debt.
  • Generally, no ongoing requirement for borrower to furnish annual financial accounts and no bank style loan monitoring or reporting conditions.
  • Past credit issues mitigated through loan structuring and commercial underwriting process.
  • Lease up risk accepted on short WALE transactions.

Funding process

Our origination and risk team have deep market experience and analyse the underlying merits case be case to structure a lending solution that works for the borrower.  Our custom solutions offer certainty of approval and delivery, typically in a 3 to 4 week settlement period.  The time to process a loan request is outlined below.

Process StepMinimum Average Days
Initial loan enquiry0
Delivery of loan application or equivalent information0-2
Indicative Offer0-1
Loan underwriting (after acceptance of indicative offer) instructing valuation preparation of credit paper and attachments2-10
Credit Committee (after receipt of credit submission)1-2
Letter of Offer0-1
Documentation and legal (from acceptance of Letter of Offer to final form and satisfaction of CPs)3-10
Funding and closing1-3
Total days from initial enquiry to close7-29

Loan Categories

CRE Property Acquisition

Purchase of commercial and non-coded residential investment properties: retail, industrial, office and specialised securities

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Debt Refinance and Restructure

Refinance and restructure often involving refinancing of multiple lenders across multiple security properties

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Leverage Up for Commercial Purposes

Cash out for business purposes including acquisitions, purchase of stock, relocation, and office fit out

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