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We back good deals that make commercial sense

Our origination and risk team have deep market experience with an average of over twenty years in commercial property lending.  We analyse the underlying merits case by case to structure a lending solution that works for the borrower and offer certainty of approval and delivery, typically in a three to four-week settlement period.

Our relationship with brokers is our priority and we ensure that the broker retains the primary relationship with their borrower clients.

The benefits available to you

Tailored loans individually designed for borrower needs. Our experienced team reviews complex borrower circumstances and needs so that we can offer a timely tailored solution.

Flexible funding certainty for complex loan purposes. These include acquisitions, investment lending, cash out, ATO payments, business funding, refinancing and debt restructuring for industrial, office, retail, non-coded residential and general commercial property in Australian cities with populations greater than 100,000.

Substantial capital and timely availability enables us to offer certainty of funding approval and delivery, typically in a 3 to 4-week settlement period to approved borrowers.

Interest rate transparency. Pricing is reset every month, and is based on the 90-day bank bill rate plus a margin and typically with no annual review process.

Competitive and flexible brokerage scale. The upfront fee is generally split 50/50 and a minimum 0.25% trail is paid to the broker.

Arch Base Rate. The monthly Arch Finance lending base rate is determined by reference to the relevant 90-day bank bill rate, as published on plus a margin to cover incremental capital adequacy, funding and administration costs. The applicable rate as at June 2024 is 4.40% p.a.

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